Sanjay Mhatre & Architecture MasterClass

Architect-Artist-Educationist Sanjay Mhatre is the founder-director of Architecture MasterClass which provides intensive training for Architecture & Design Entrance Exams. It offers training in Design Thinking and hones sketching & drawing skills right from 8th std to 12th std.

Established in 2006, AMC has trained students for NATA (& JEE Mains Paper 2), some of whom have topped at All-India level. AMC students are studying at prestigious institutes like CEPT, SPA, Kamla Raheja, NMIMS-BSSA, SEA, Rachana, JJ and NID amongst others.

Since 1995, Sanjay Sir has taught at various architecture colleges like KRVI, IES, Hiray, JJ, NMIMS-BSSA, SNDT, ISDI. He is involved in Vipassana Meditation ever since he did his architecture thesis in the same topic and soon after master-planned several Vipassana centres in India and also helped with the Global Pagoda.

AMC provides a holistic education, well beyond training for just entrance exams. It takes students for self-development camps as well as meeting architects. In November, last year, during the Ahmedabad Study Camp, students of AMC met B.V. Doshi Sir. To meet such an ICON of your discipline, right at the threshold of your career, is indeed a rarity and a perpetual source of inspiration for these students.

As a bonus, here is something that ALL of us, including faculty, will enjoy: (YouTube video)
Architect B.V. Doshi inspires Architecture MasterClass students

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Sanjay is also a visual artist. He has exhibited his paintings at Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Artists’ Centre and Lycksele Art Gallery, Sweden where he did an Art Residency. You can check out his paintings on his website:

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