My whole experience of 8 to 10 months with you and AMC was great. I got to learn many things about architecture, art, sketching, life etc. & had a pleasure learning under your guidelines. Apparently I was one of the best drawing students in my school and believed that I’m the best at drawing however, when I joined AMC, I realized that I was living under false impression BUT you did ENCOURAGE me every time although few of my drawings were pathetic. Observing you, I slowly developed the confidence in myself and now I can face anybody without any fear, ITS A FACT ! You directly – indirectly taught us many things. Thanks a lot sir. I’ll always cherish all the tiny little moments spent with you and rest of AMC classmates. And of course, I’ll miss your sense of humor and Witty replies. Thanks again for everything !!

Shefali Mody
NATA 2012

Architecture MasterClass has been one of the best tutorials I have attended by far. The interactive technologies used for better understanding are surely fruitful. The shadow lessons with the help of the halogen bulb have proven very helpful. The amount of information covered in AMC is much more than any other NATA classes running simultaneously around the town 🙂

Sayali Golatkar
NATA 2012

Sanjay Sir is one of the best people I’ve ever come across in 18 years of my life..I could trust him more than anyone on this planet. Simply talking to him would actually solve half of my problems. Never met a teacher, a mentor, a guide & a friend as amazing as you.

AMC is an amazing place to learn…the environment at class never lets anyone want to go home. Also all the staff along with sir is fabulous. They are super friendly and approachable for anything.

Tanaya Patil
NATA 2017

The teaching is excellent and a great learning atmosphere is maintained for students along with activities like on-site sketching and impromptu human figure sketching sessions.It’s been a really good experience getting to learn from Sanjay Sir. AMC’s Out of the box way of teaching and the bond that Sir creates with the students is something really hard to find these days.

Shardul Mane
NATA 2016

Architecture MasterClass is not just a NATA class but also the perfect 2 years basic course for entering Architecture College. Such direct practical knowledge is delivered only at AMC. Students get a chance to explore their skills and
improve them with the help of Sanjay Sir. I suggest students join AMC for atleast 2 years to get the most out of it.

Sanjay Mhatre is the best teacher I have ever met in my life so far. The flexibility that he gives + the attitude he has makes him completely different compared to those typical tutors. Sanjay Sir makes you feel like attending the class, no matter what !

Meet Mendpara
NATA 2016

AMC is an amazing place that helps one grow in various aspects with sessions on self-improvisation & coaching for not only the entrance exam but also the entire
architecture course.

PS: Thanks for still tolerating all my idiosyncrasies !

Devanshi Thakkar
NATA 2017

Sanjay Sir is a great mentor and has helped me in every way. From motivational speeches to being there for me anytime of the day for my doubts & problems. It was an amazing experience. I already know so much more than the average crowd at my college because of the extra knowledge provided by Sanjay Sir.

Shubha Singh
NATA 2016

My experience at AMC was amazing. I couldn’t have cracked the NATA exam if it wasn’t for Sanjay Sir. I improved my drawing skills here and I also developed as an overall human being. Got some amazing memories here. Thanks a lot! Sanjay Sir is honestly the best teacher to ever teach me. He helped us in every way and I owe him so much.

Mankaran Chaudhary
NATA 2017

Architecture MasterClass was an amazing experience in terms of learning. You would explore a lot of yourself & would be able to bring out the best in you.Sanjay Sir is well experienced and highly qualified. He is best at his teaching and training.

Neha Tendulkar
NATA 2012

Architecture MasterClass has helped me realize what architecture really is. I have never been in such a student-friendly, fun and educational class before. I am glad I came here 🙂

Aishwarya Balekundri
NATA 2012

As I’ve described in my book, ‘Just Give Me Some SPACE’, Sanjay Sir was the first person I interacted with in the field of Architecture. I spoke to him over the phone & based on his demeanour & excitement, I decided to attend his Coaching Class in 2012.

Architecture MasterClass didn’t just give me a push to enter my dream college but also allowed me to see sketching as a natural instinct & not as a tedious task. Sanjay Sir’s unconventional perky teaching style is what sets the engaging tone at AMC. I am glad I made that phone call in 2012 !

Suha Khopatkar
Author of ‘Just Give Me Some SPACE’

At Architecture MasterClass every topic was taught very systematically and was repeated in case someone didn’t grasp it well. It was always exciting to learn new concepts from Sir. Sanjay Sir is a great teacher! His passion for art is really inspiring. I was able to do my best because of his guidance.

Aradhana Raikar
NATA 2012

Architecture MasterClass is very innovative class which encourages creativity. With those short guided meditation lectures and outdoor sketching exercises, I personally became very observant and my mind feels much calmer.

Vaidehi Vagal
NATA 2016

Studying at Architecture MasterClass has been an awesome experience. Sanjay Sir’s guidance and way of explaining things has made architecture seemed so simple. Thank you so much for always being there with us. Proud to be a student of Architecture MasterClass !!

Hardi Vora
NATA 2012

My experience at Architecture MasterClass was awesome. I got to learn many things & interacted with all kinds of people. All the topics were taught in depth. The class was always interactive which made the lectures even more
fascinating !

Ashlesha Howal
NATA 2016

My experience with Architecture MasterClass was really good. When one starts concentrating on what Sanjay Sir says, it helps a lot in the future and also one cannot forget what he has said. He helps us improve gradually and also he gives us a better insight in the field of architecture which helps us innovate and constantly come up with new ideas.

Yash Bapat
NATA 2017

In Architecture Masterclass I have explored my strengths in the field of sketching, designing and photography. Great for an all-round development in creative field.

Rhea Jugnalia
NATA 2019

To dear Sanjay Sir,Happy Guru-Pournima to the one who taught us things beyond the books and made learning really fun ! Your canvas paintings have inspired me to paint more, so I made one for you 🙂 … I hope you like it 🙂

Devki Dhuri
NATA 2019

AMC is a world in itself !
Sanjay Sir makes you dream big & helps you achieve them. AMC changed my perspective about how I look at simple objects and transform the mundane into a quirky masterpeice. Sir helped us push our limits and let our imagination flow. Joining AMC was one of the best decisions of my life !!

Manali Maydeo
NATA 2014

Sanjay Sir’s unique talent is creating an environment conducive to learning & busting all stress that is usually associated with exams. He’s your teacher & mentor not just till the time you pass the entrance exams, but through every major milestone in life.
I convey my heartfelt gratitude to AMC for enabling me to score 158 in NATA which got me selected in the prestigious CEPT !

Nidhi Munot
NATA 2019

I have been studying at AMC for two years preparing for entrance exams. I have loved being in class with Sanjay Sir & faculty. Apart from academics, what I like about Sir is that he cares about students’ all-round development. I learnt exercise, meditation, communication & lot of other things in addition to sketching, rendering, perspective, sciography & aptitude. The way Sir makes us understand new topics is unique. He uses various presentatinon props & hand gestures to clarify our concepts. I really appreciate his efforts and thank him for his support to crack the entrance exam with a great score and get into my dream college CEPT.

Nirmit Zaveri
NATA 2019

Sanjay Sir knows the best way to explain things. Even if a topic is not so interesting he makes sure that every student enjoys it and knows all about it. He never gave us cooked up answers to problems but instead made sure that we understand it. Sanjay Sir is the best !

Palak Khivesara
NATA 2016

At AMC, the way things were explained to us made me really enjoy concepts like orthography & perspective. We were made to explore our creativity & develop our thinking under the able guidance of Sanjay Sir. The overall environment in class is very positive due to which we can ask our doubts freely. Sanjay Sir is upbeat & encouraging due to which you get confidence while preparing. He also helps set the right attitude which is not only required for competitive exams but also throughout life! The teaching assistants too are helpful and approachable.

Riya Vaidya
NATA 2019

My daughter Riya joined AMC late but the knowledge she gained in those 3 months was amazing ! Sanjay Sir has special teaching skills and it had a very positive impact on my child’s confidence. Topics which she thought were difficult were taught to her so nicely that she can easily solve them now. Students can ask difficulties without the fear of being judged and that is the beauty of AMC.

Sulakshana Vaidya (parent)
Riya Vaidya
NATA 2019

Architecture MasterClass is one of a kind. Sanjay Sir has always tried to bring learning with fun & homework has been made home fun as he says. The environment is extremely encouraging, interactive & competitive. Sir has not confined learning NATA, it has to be Architecture MasterClass. And, Sanjay Sir is surely the best !

Shrusti Shah
NATA 2016

Sanjay Sir said, “Welcome to magic rather than logic”…as an artist I was struggling with too many things in my life; Sir helped me to deal with them throughout. He is not just a guru but ‘My Mentor’. I emerged out of all the mental restrictions I had deep within. Thank you so very much for pushing me towards the Path of Reality… from Art to Nirvana !

Manali Bhoir

It’s great how I can keep revisiting Sanjay Sir even after my NATA Classes are officially over and he helps not only with my Architectural Design queries but also with life-related issues !

Vaibhavi Sakhalkar
NATA 2019

Architecture MasterClass is where I actually found my mental peace. Sanjay Sir has changed my perspective to look at things & made me a positive person. He has always been there whenever I needed him. He has extremely kind & caring nature. He always made sure that I’m confident and positive. I’ll never forget his kind words ! Even after so many hurdles, I managed to score decent marks in NATA as well as my boards & sanjay Sir has played a huge role in it.

Nandhini Menon

Sanjay Sir trains one not just to pass some exam but also guides one to conquer the bigger projects / purpose in life. The team at AMC never conducts the typical lectures rather makes it interesting by having discussions and through video sessions. The class is coolly designed for students which keeps the atmosphere charged up. We are also introduced to various programmes which help us mould our personality and destroy our inhibitions.

This place is like a package! You learn, you get answers to your problems by talking to them and have utmost fun as well !

Akshata Shinde
NATA 2019

AMC is one of the best places where you get to brainstorm creativity. All the concepts were taught exceptionally well by Sanjay Sir (“SS”). He never got bored of us even when we bothered him with the same doubt again and again. SS is the best teacher ever!

Krishna Upadhyay

With the conclusion of my professional practice viva on saturday morning, I completed 5 years in the course of B.Arch. It is indeed a good feeling to step into a new work and time frame from this day.

It is said that you approximately meet 10,000 people in an average lifetime and out of those, there is just a modicum of them who leave their mark on your mind. Sir, thank you for being one of those whom I look up to during both, the happy and the challenging times. I am grateful to you for being an imperative part of my progress over these years. Thank you for the value system you imbibed in me during my architecture school days. It has helped me proceed through this beautiful course effortlessly. I appreciate every opportunity you have given me with your incessant confidence and trust in my ability. As one journey concludes to give way to a new one, I seek your advice and blessings.

With lots of respect and gratitude for my mentor, guide and friend in philosophy.

Ashutosh Lohana

Enrolling myself at Architecture MasterClass was the finest decision I have ever made! I am lucky to have Sanjay Sir as my mentor, teacher and counselor. I still call him up for anything – be it Architectural Design or to narrate happenings in college as well as sounboarding my life-decisions. AMC & Sir is the reason I am what I am.

Thank you Sanjay Sir for always guiding us, unlike any other teacher, primarily as a friend, with huge amounts of positivity, motivation and inspiration in our lives.

Kinjal Patil

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